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Modular Display Systems

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Our versatile and economical systems for the display / sign environment allow the user to complete each project with the focus on the message/advertising. Our systems are designed to be esthetically appealing and easy to install. Majority of our products are finished in a satin finish, which goes well with virtually every color. Contact us for custom colors.

D I S P L A Y  &  S I G N

Our rod display system is great for installing shelves, graphics, displays, signage, directories and much more. It offers higher weight capacity than the cable display system and is very versatile. The rods can be connected together to extend the overall length or can be cut to size. Clamps are available in different sizes to accomodate for various thickness, up to 3/8".

These cable display systems are great for installing shelves, suspended signs, graphics, displays, signage or posters. They are easy to install and offer great flexibility in retail layout design. They are available in various applications: for ceiling to floor, wall to wall and ceiling suspension. Clamps come in different sizes to accomodate for thickness ranging from 1/8" to 3/8".

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This aluminum standoff system is great for many different usage. Ranging from wall signs, raised glass shelves to trade exhibit panels. We offer different anchors for different applications. This standoff system is easy to use and practical. Accessories can be easily added to fit any application the user desires.

Edge grips are great for mounting panels without the need to have pre-drilled holes. They have a very clean appearance due to the one piece construction. Doing away with any installation marks. Different anchors are available depending on the type of application the edge grips are used for.

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This projecting support, used as a wall mount or ceiling mount, can be used for hanging signs from the ceiling, projecting informational signs from walls, or be fixed to a flat top. These modern looking brackets are great as they add a chic appearance.  These brackets can be used to support oversized panels for partitions.

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Our flush caps are great for installing any panels. Excellent for panels that are installed directly to the surface. By adding these decorative caps to panels or fixtures, you will be able to add additional aesthetic to achieve a complete appearance. Functional and appealing!

More Info The standoff system provides an easy method to mount panels or create a raised surface. A fast and inexpensive approach to create a three dimensional appearance that will help attract attention. The standoffs are available in diameters of: 5/8" (15mm), 3/4" (20mm) and 1" (25mm) with height up to 3" (75mm). Our rod display systems comprise of 10mm aluminum rods. We recommend a maximum capacity of 110 LBS per rod. The rod display system can be mounted either from ceilings or walls, giving a versatile approach for displaying graphic panels or setting up shelves. The edge grips are great for mounting wall panels without drilling holes on the substrate. They are sure to attract attention. These aluminum standoffs offer great style and can be used in any retail store, museums, hospitals, offices and much more! Cable display systems are an innovative and versatile approach for displaying panels and graphics or setting up shelvings. Each cable system comprise of 1/16" (1.6mm) cable that is capable of supporting up to a maximum weight of 96 LBS per cable. Projecting signs are a must in various retail locations. These sure will attract attention to your projecting signs, whether it's for wayfinding or directional, these projecting hardware will help turn any project into a successful one. Flush caps or standoff caps are great for adding aesthetic appearance to any displays, signs, or even decor on furnitures. Why use just nails to secure panels when adding standoff caps will help achieve much more!